Commuter Butt Boils and Related Warts

Crap – got another butt boil – basically from sitting on my arse in the car nearly 4 hours a day, then sitting in my chair all night moonlighting for the family business – and my daughter’s got a Plantar’s wart….but, I managed today, as I bleed out the final vacation days from my old job, preparing for the new transition job, to run a few miles outdoors in the quickly-fading Fall sunlight…once the new job begins, I’ll have 2 extra hours a day for some much-needed exercise….I’m at 228 pounds, just about an all-time high; time to start permanently down, as I enter the second 45 years of my life.  Goal is back to a manageable 205, and then an ultimate goal of sub-200…but let’s not be crazy, just yet, there’s still so much great beer to drink.

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