Datsusara Online Tools

What’s helpful in escaping the clacker lifestyle?  Obviously I don’t recommend or suggest violating any terms of your employment, government controls or security guidelines, but there are lots of online available tools you should leverage for building new relationships, finding new jobs, maintaining progress in your new family business, etc.  Some of these include (I’ll be conveying much more information down the road as to how I use these tools for various purposes, like finding a new role, finding new clients and business opportunities, building a personal and new professional brand, cataloguing and preserving intellectual property, etc.):

  • LinkedIn – absolutely invaluable, but be careful – its very transparent, to your current and future professional contacts
  • Twitter – very helpful mostly from the perspective of finding and learning about new opportunities, following others who have gone before, identifying new tools
  • WordPress – you need a “base of operations” for cataloguing information, ideas, interests – and sharing with others as your datsusara community grows
  • Dropbox – quick and cheap online storage and access to central documents
  • Gimp – free and very useful tool for image editing, establishing your online brand graphics
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