Turning some corners this week

This past week some pokers were put into play, and possible progress started across a number of datsusara goals – the long, slow grinding of gears inexorably leading to a life a clacking about the 1950’s-era halls of a huge government organization overpaying thousands of contractors to deliver very little results….these gears are shuddering to a definite slowdown.

The transition job may be coming to fruition – one decent opportunity in the fire, and one very promising upcoming interview – i.e. another full-time opportunity to work for the man, another man – but with very significant changes, leading closer to the ultimate objective.  These are:

  • expectations are agreed for very flexible scheduling, and in-person, onsite requirements
  • the nature of the work is far more synergistic to the professional knowedge and interests I’ve been developing into my own company
  • the location is definitely closer, and outside the city circle within which over 15 hours a week are wasted in time-sucking traffic
  • the clients are predominantly NOT long-term, multi-billion dollar government IT contracts – they’re smaller, much more commercial, quicker-moving and predominantly outside the firewalls of stifling government security, methodology, oversight, acqusition cycles 
  • the company itself is led by very entrepreneurial, dynamic people very experienced in the same disciplines I am…and it appears, though it’s staffed by many young people, I may not be the oldest one at the company, nor the only one with kids (which is a problem with smaller companies, leading to non-family friendly activities, expectations and benefit packages).

A key piece of advice I’ve learned, transitioning to a new company – being sure that in the negotiations, the vacation balance is fully loaded upon start date, and upcoming holidays or planned vacations are accounted for; otherwise it takes a long time to build back up the vacation bank to a place you’re comfortable with.

Some feedback on interviews – most interviews start with a telephone screen; this is actually a very difficult interview to succeed in, where you can’t establish personal rapport or respond to physical body language etc…so you must be really prepared, with notes about your goals and reasons for change, plus bullets about the target company, questions about it, evidence of your understanding of where the company is heading and how you’ll contribute.

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