203 Days

Gaa…coming to the 2-minute warning, the 2nd-to-last hundred days – on what’s actually a fabulous day for blogging…the change back from daylight savings time to standard time. An extra hour to blog, attend to housekeeping of the actual house, the home business infrastructure, the headlice in one kid and allergies in another, and the preparation for a very critical, interesting new development and service provider hired by our home business CEO (my wife), the “laundress”.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a buddy who himself is seeking a way out, through a very well-developed invention he hopes to sell far and wide…problem is, his weekend is chock full of hunting exploits, with little attention to his business, while my weekend (in this countdown period, and in fact over the past 4 years) includes at least 8-12 hours of work focused on clacker-escape. Do the math, and my 200 days to go becomes 2 years to go for him – unless he gets supremely lucky with an investor, or the product simply takes off.

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