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2 Good Books – Supporting Datsusara in Principle

Books that are directly influencing this datsusara in America journey: 4 Hour Workweek – a bit unreachable, especially with kids, but great ideas, stories and a way of life to aspire to; best advice is all about Virtual Assistants Rich … Continue reading

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「脱サラ」Datsusara in America – is MMA the only outlet?

What’s interesting, is that when searching for the phrase datsusara or datsu-sara in America, the only thing that comes up are oodles of references to an MMA-related organization. I actually love MMA, UFC, World Cagefighting, etc., but this is a … Continue reading

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Commuter Butt Boils and Related Warts

Crap – got another butt boil – basically from sitting on my arse in the car nearly 4 hours a day, then sitting in my chair all night moonlighting for the family business – and my daughter’s got a Plantar’s … Continue reading

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Datsusara Online Tools

What’s helpful in escaping the clacker lifestyle?  Obviously I don’t recommend or suggest violating any terms of your employment, government controls or security guidelines, but there are lots of online available tools you should leverage for building new relationships, finding … Continue reading

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Datsusara Help – USA or otherwise

Looking for some help, insight or just commentary in your escape from the man, your datsusara journey? Start some comments here – there’s lots to share, both in my journey and those of others…

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Transition Job

Yesterday a big step forward, on many fronts – the transition to what hopefully is the last job working for the man. I officially accepted a new position with a new company…to start in a couple of weeks…this was a … Continue reading

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DC Datsusara – Escape of the Clacker

…this will probably be a great title candidate for the eventual book, out of this documented experience…..

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