Things to fix – the Road to Datsusara

Here are the things I need to fix over the next 6 months – to achieve “datsusara” – or, in Japanese, and end to the salaryman’s lifestyle. Arranged in order of priority – I’ll be regularly posting on techniques, progress and outcomes – until the big day!

  1. Family – many areas of focus and involvement to start concentrating on, including my wife. Started
  2. Debt needs to be reduced, significantly, as without a day job, loans are harder to get and repay. Started
  3. Physical location – needs to obviously improve, to recover the over 3 hours of commuting I do each day.  Started
  4. Relationship network – needs to continue to ramp up, for new business opportunities, possible partners/employees, charge-back to previous projects, etc. Started
  5. The new business – obviously, is what will carry me and my family through after the breakaway.  This includes new skills, certifications as necessary, information about running your own business, etc. Started
  6. The “transition job” needs to happen, to start the breakaway – this job should give me more time and flexibility to help the transition…this includes ditching the “tethers” that prohibit flexible Internet collaboration – i.e. computers and applications tied to the company Intranet (and only accessible there), so many security badges for building access, etc. Also, it’s an opportunity to start working and learning within a discipline that’s a little closer to my target one. Started
  7. Personal/Wardrobe – needs to be refreshed, as more of my time is anticipated to be spent interacting with new clients, contacts – plus so many years in this downtown commute has seriously taken a toll on health and weight. Started
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