The 2nd Biggest Day

The 2nd biggest day of my escape from clacker-dom is here – turning in today 8 separate security badges, my neck lanyard, 2 corporate laptops, 1 government laptop, lots of docs to be shredded, various files to be transferred or cleaned up, 2 exit interviews to be held and multiple, stupid forms to complete.  Should feel pretty good, by 5PM…

The 1st biggest day, will be when the Transition Job (i.e. government clacker datsusara) ultimately morphs into pure datsusara.

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Very difficult day

In order to actually quit the primary day job, notifications must be made – then you must sit and endure the swirl of treasonous looks, entreaties to stay, questions of motive, and other nonsense as the news settles it….while you’d just as soon escape and communicate only by email.  But, badges must be turned in, laptops, forms signed, “exit interviews” held, turnover of paper and electronic materials, plans, deliverables, etc. It’s a little shocking to those who didn’t see it coming, though some pretty quickly understand. As a contractor, my company needs to be informed, then the “Prime” to whom I’m subcontracting, then the actual client…it’s a long week, a hard day, and time for a Tupper’s Hop Pocket or 3…with the “light at the end of the tunnel” rapidly growing very bright, shining on the “interim position” and all it means to start next week (sans badges, laptops, most of the commute, etc.).

The notification and exit process I handled in a way where I remain in control, manage the risk of losing too much pay, avoid bridge-burning, retain relationships, and not end up in a position of weakness, doing something I’d rather not. This somewhat “self-centered” approach (or family-centered) is necessary, as the company and client are obviously also self-centered – and a strong negotiating position is required, not only to retain advantage, but also to retain professional dignity.

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2 Good Books – Supporting Datsusara in Principle

Books that are directly influencing this datsusara in America journey:

4 Hour Workweek – a bit unreachable, especially with kids, but great ideas, stories and a way of life to aspire to; best advice is all about Virtual Assistants

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – very good advice, if a bit heavy on the formulaic teachings – best advice is to “Mind your Business”.

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「脱サラ」Datsusara in America – is MMA the only outlet?

What’s interesting, is that when searching for the phrase datsusara or datsu-sara in America, the only thing that comes up are oodles of references to an MMA-related organization. I actually love MMA, UFC, World Cagefighting, etc., but this is a pretty extreme way to escape the drudgery of the daily commute and office (can anyone say “fight club”?). I did not long ago try my hand at Taekwondo, but prefer to actually exercise at my own speed, focused on running and sometime in the future, more swimming and biking – yes, renewing the triathlon experiences I’ve had in the past. There is a focus, right now, building for entering a road race next Summer – great motivation for winter-time exercise!

Perhaps this blog can be the datsusara in America, datsusara in the US and of course datsusara in DC escape the salaryman forum that’s missing.

Separately, my wife announced last week that we haven’t had sex for over a year now…in retrospect, it’s unsurprising, given the stress of the day and night jobs, growing kids staying up later, no sleep and of course the daily/weekly irritations associated with a crappy job downtown…but that has to change.

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Commuter Butt Boils and Related Warts

Crap – got another butt boil – basically from sitting on my arse in the car nearly 4 hours a day, then sitting in my chair all night moonlighting for the family business – and my daughter’s got a Plantar’s wart….but, I managed today, as I bleed out the final vacation days from my old job, preparing for the new transition job, to run a few miles outdoors in the quickly-fading Fall sunlight…once the new job begins, I’ll have 2 extra hours a day for some much-needed exercise….I’m at 228 pounds, just about an all-time high; time to start permanently down, as I enter the second 45 years of my life.  Goal is back to a manageable 205, and then an ultimate goal of sub-200…but let’s not be crazy, just yet, there’s still so much great beer to drink.

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Datsusara Online Tools

What’s helpful in escaping the clacker lifestyle?  Obviously I don’t recommend or suggest violating any terms of your employment, government controls or security guidelines, but there are lots of online available tools you should leverage for building new relationships, finding new jobs, maintaining progress in your new family business, etc.  Some of these include (I’ll be conveying much more information down the road as to how I use these tools for various purposes, like finding a new role, finding new clients and business opportunities, building a personal and new professional brand, cataloguing and preserving intellectual property, etc.):

  • LinkedIn – absolutely invaluable, but be careful – its very transparent, to your current and future professional contacts
  • Twitter – very helpful mostly from the perspective of finding and learning about new opportunities, following others who have gone before, identifying new tools
  • WordPress – you need a “base of operations” for cataloguing information, ideas, interests – and sharing with others as your datsusara community grows
  • Dropbox – quick and cheap online storage and access to central documents
  • Gimp – free and very useful tool for image editing, establishing your online brand graphics
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Datsusara Help – USA or otherwise

Looking for some help, insight or just commentary in your escape from the man, your datsusara journey? Start some comments here – there’s lots to share, both in my journey and those of others…

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